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Steps to get good reviews: Check in instructions.

It is undeniable that reviews and ratings are critical for people who are looking for accommodation through online platforms. Indeed, potential guests trust in common people's opinions to make their decision to choose the right place to stay in even though your listing is effectively build-up and the different aspects of it depict your property accurately.

But, let's say that your reviews are not good enough and maybe, you have not found what is the reason for this to be happening. Then, you need to start assessing every crucial aspect that impact reviews - that literally, could be everything - and subsequently, you notice that even though your guests' stays have been quite comfortable in your opinion, they come up with a review that does not reflect it. If this is your case, I have to say that you are not the first and certainly, you will not be the last host wondering why is this happening.

We hosts provide experiences and one of the shortest parts of a stay is crucial to lead the guest's experience to a memorable or a disastrous one. For that reason, we firmly believe that the check-in process is key as it is the real beginning of the stay if all what you previously did was well done (welcome message and any additional communication to establish rapport with your guest).

Certainly, the last that guests are wanting to be worried about is their accommodation as they trust in they will find what you detailed in your listing and also, they are thinking of all what they are going to do during their stay considering a perfect scenario. Therefore, our mission as hosts is to make the whole stay as smooth as possible but, certainly, the first impression is essential to make that happen.

Many hosts consider that the check-in process is as simple as just handing a set of keys over but is much more than that. In fact, make the arrangements for a face-to-face check-in is not only finding somebody to hand the keys over but a commitment between host and guest that is to be carried out at a certain time with the purpose of welcome them and detail the features of the property. However, it could be an additional expense if the guest is not getting at the property at a certain time and you -or your check-in helper- have to wait for them. Therefore, you need to inform your guest that it is important for you that he or she provides accurate and reliable time to carry out the keys' handing over otherwise phone calls will start to go and back in order to complete the process which could be quite annoying between the parties and then, the check-in will be a disaster and the guests' first impression negative so as the chain reaction that would be impacting the whole stay in your property.

In our experience, the keys' handing over appointment must be set at least 24 hours prior the check-in time and you need to let your guest know that you expect the guests to be there at a certain time as initially committed and that every change must be timely communicated as a sign of respect between the parties, but clearly, this must be communicated in a respectful and even subtle way in order to make it as personal and natural as possible considering that you are short-term-renting your property for a profit and the last you want is losing resources. We at A Better Place Property Management have all the necessary experience to make your check-ins as simple and smooth as possible, just let us know what your specific request is and we will be happy to assist you as efficient and effective as possible.

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