All of us in A Better Place have travelled the world and have stayed in Airbnb properties in most of our trips. The experience was always so positive that we then decided to temporarily rent our own homes while visiting other countries. The only challenge was managing it while we were away. That´s how we realised A Better Place could be a great alternative for those eager to travel, rent their homes while they’re at it, and relax knowing the management is all taken care of. 


Whether it’s a simple check-in or key exchange, laundry and cleaning, or supervising the whole stay, A Better Place will manage a home for those who come and those who go. As fellow travellers and hosts, we know first hand how important it is to feel at home in a new country, and also explore the world at ease, knowing that your place has been taken care of.


We also come in handy to owners who have their property up for temporary leases. A Better Place will oversee the process from the booking and answering requests, until the check-out and preparing the place for new guests.

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