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Some FAQ and what we usually reply... we can't make everyone happy

Many questions from guests will arise if you decide to rent your property in a short-term basis, what you need to know is that we will be there to reply any enquiry looking for your (and our) best interest, but you probably would like to know what we usually say and why. Here some examples:

• Your guest would like to check in earlier than 2:00 PM: well, we are not fans of allowing guests to get into the apartment early for different reasons. For instance, guests usually ask for early check-in days or even weeks before of the check-in date so in case that you allow it, you would have to block the night prior to the check-in date and it will represent less income in overall. Also, it will generate some stress in the preparation of the apartment due to the fact that changes in the cleaning schedule will need to be introduced. Last, in case any unexpected situation comes up you will have less time to sort it out (a damaged aircon, a stained rug, dirty linen, a sick cleaner, etc).

But, we know that we cannot say just “no” and certainly, we would love to spoil all our guests so the best we can say is “I will let you know if we can get the apartment ready for you earlier than initially agreed the same day you are checking-in, thanks for your understanding”.

On the other hand, after analysing our metrics we have identified that there is a link between early check-ins and bad reviews (less than 5 stars). To be honest, we have not found out why such a situation happens but this is what our statistics say.

• Your potential guest is looking for a place to have a formal meeting with just a couple of guests: In this case, we always make clear that we are providing accommodation services and that additional guests are not allowed to be in the property and/or the amenities of the building.

• Your guest need an additional key and fob: even though security keys and fobs are expensive, we do not see any problem in conceding this as long as it has been requested in advance, otherwise, it will take some time to get a second set of keys to the guest. However, it is crucial to keep the record of this kind of requests on the platform messenger, also, take advantage of this request to make clear that the guest is responsible for the keys and accountable in the case that they are lost (do not forget to mention how much they cost).

• Your guest is asking for daily cleaning sessions: Even though it could be clear for many hosts that only one cleaning session is included within the fees initially charged, it is good to remember that many users are new and do not know how the platform works. Therefore, we kindly inform guests that in case that additional cleaning sessions are necessary they will be charged accordingly.

• Extra items and services: This is a sensible aspect of hosting due to the fact that guests sometimes expect to get in your property everything they have in their own home. Indeed, most people have a blender in their own home, but it does not mean that you have to have one in your short-term rental property or that you have to buy a new one only because a guest is asking for it. But, you have to pay attention to detail to what you have included in the description of your listing, if you promised or offered something on your listing it is expected that it be delivered otherwise, you could have to deal with some refund-related issues.

A Better Place Property Management has been dealing with a number of operational obstacles and inconveniences but, thanks to our long experience we do know how to face every new challenge thinking of preserving your profit and look after your property.

Is there any FAQ you could share with us? If so, how have you dealt with it? let us know, it would be a pleasure to hearing from you.

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