Why should I rent my house short-term instead of long-term?

Renting your property short-term instead of long-term can considerably increase your income.

Additionally, if you leave overseas or intestate, by renting your property through Airbnb you´ll have more flexibility and can block some days to use it yourself or lend it to friends.

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Can I use A Better Place if my property is not listed on Airbnb?

Yes, you can. We can help you get your property ready for short-term rentals and set up your account on Airbnb. This is an extra service which also includes creating the welcome letter and house rules. Contact us to get more info about this.

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Will the listing be under A Better Place’s name?

No, the listing will be under your name. This has two benefits:

1. You will have full access to the account, in case you want to check on it from time to time.

2. If at some point, you’d wish to manage your apartment, you already have an account that’s been set up and reviewed. Reviews are vital for a property to get booked on Airbnb. In other words, the listing is yours.

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How does the payment system work?

Payments from Airbnb are directed into your bank account. We will then send you a monthly invoice with our fees and any extra expenses that need to be reimbursed. We will also send you the bookings’ details for your control.

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Who should use A Better Place?

Our service is for those who want to rent their property on a short-term basis but don’t have the time to manage it. From owners who rent short-term for an extended period to those who only want to rent their property when they go away on holidays.

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Where does A Better Place currently operate?

At the moment we operate in Melbourne, but we are considering Regional Victoria as well. Let us know if you are somewhere else and would like to hire our services; we´ll try to find a way!

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What measures are taken to ensure the safety of my property?

The good thing of Airbnb is that before accepting a guest we can screen them to know if they are verified, how many positive reviews they have and learn more about their profile.

Before setting up your account, we will agree with you the house rules. For example, if you don’t want pets in your house, we will make sure that we don’t accept guests with pets.

In the rarely occasion that something is damaged during a guest stay, Airbnb offer a $1,000,000 AUD Host Guarantee for no additional cost.

Airbnb also has the Host Protection Insurance programme which protects you against third party claims of property damage or bodily injury up to $1 million.

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