• Oscar Castaneda

Let's stop the party: Part 1.

A party in your property is one of the main problems that hosts have to deal with when Airbnb-ing a property. Indeed, we suffered the uncomfortable impact of guests’ bad behaviour in our first year operating but, once we understood how to avoid potentially disastrous bookings, we made sure that this only could be happening very randomly. Sometimes it was a midnight call from the owner or a neighbour complaining about noise, others about music, some more about banging walls or even all the latter options together. To be honest, it was not a common situation but nobody wants to wake up at midnight to phone call and message a guest to talk about the expected adult behaviour or, even worst, knocking on the door of your guest to give a speech.

“...we suffered the uncomfortable impact of guests' bad behaviour..."

But, how did we make up the best way to avoid undesirable guests? Well, there are different ways to filter guests but they are not always effective. Actually, it is important to complement those filters with additional measures based on the communication of the host’s expectations before and during the stay.

Then, talking about filters, there are common patterns that people potentially misbehaving show to hosts and hosts need to understand how to stay apart of them: days of the week that parties usually are taking place, how long are the stays that “partiers” usually book, what kind of properties in terms of location and set up is the more desirable for that species of guests. Certainly, these aspects have been key for us to improve our management duties and even our quality of life!

“...there are common patterns that guests potentially misbehaving show to hosts and hosts need to understand how to stay apart from them..."

If you are having issues facing this situation in your property while Airbnb-ing it, it would be our pleasure to help you managing it, we have experience dealing with them but even more, avoiding that situations like that repeatedly happens.

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